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There is a difference from materials bought at a kids store or discount store and materials designed for artists. The best rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford. Good quality student grade paints are great (and plenty of professional artists will use these and sell the results). But it is always best to understand the differences.

Student quality is as good as artists – just cheaper … WRONG

Quality student paints are sold as such, brands such as Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour, Winton Oil Paint and Galeria Acrylic Paints are certainly less expensive than their artists or professional grade equivalents. But there is a difference in quality. Student grades contain less pigment! So what may appear less expensive will not have the same depth and clarity of colour and will have a limited range of colours. Professional grade products are generally designed to last for 100 years +

Creative Cheshire is an independent specialist art supplies store. We only sell quality artists materials representing what we perceive as the best available in the market.

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